About Us.

Talent Solutions in the Technology Sector.

The top Software & Product professionals can pick and choose where in the world they work and who they work for. More importantly, a recent study showed that 40% of millennials cited a company’s sustainability commitment as a key factor in their decision whether to accept a job offer. As future generations become more socially and environmentally conscious, this figure will sky rocket.

The 4zero difference.
We leverage an approach that matches the elite technologists in the industry with the mission driven, hyper-growth tech start-ups doing good in the world. We build world-class Product and Software teams across Europe and North America for brands using technology to make a positive impact on the planet and who, just like us, are committed to sustainable business practices.

Meet the Founders.

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” - President Obama

These words immediately resonated with our founders, Michael Palmer and Leighton Stevens. As fathers with young families, these beliefs drove them to reconsider how they could best utilise their experience in the tech staffing sector, whilst contributing to positive change. The result was the formation of 4zero, with a management team boasting 30+ years experience of scaling Software Engineering teams, across Europe, Canada and North America.


Our Values.


Our commitment to our values influences everything we do. They are entwined into our DNA.

The Mission
To provide Climate Positive Talent Solutions for socially conscious, purpose-driven companies, who place equal importance on their People and the Planet as they
do Profits.


Partner with Purpose.

Impact-led brands + Purpose driven talent = 4zero

To be a 4zero client you must be driven by an obsession to redefine your category or better still create a new one. We work with the ‘problem solvers’ whose products are literally saving the planet. The talent we engage with are drawn to these companies, in their quest to do purposeful work for impact-led brands developing the technology that will have a positive effect on the planet. They trust 4zero to identify opportunities with high growth, highly scalable companies aligned with their purpose to tackle some of the world's most important challenges.


Our DNA.

4zero is founded on the fundamentals of the Triple Bottom line. It is ingrained into the DNA of the business and shapes the decisions we make, the people we will partner with and our strategy for the future.