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Attract top Software & Product talent by partnering with 4zero, the recruitment agency that aligns elite technologists with hyper-growth tech start-ups making a difference.

Our mission-driven approach ensures world-class Product and Software teams are hired across Europe and North America for brands that are committed to creating climate-positive solutions. 

Meet the Founders.

“We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it.” - President Obama

These words immediately resonated with our founders, Michael Palmer and Leighton Stevens. As fathers with young families, these beliefs drove them to reconsider how they could best utilise their experience in the tech staffing sector, whilst contributing to positive change. The result was the formation of 4zero, with a management team boasting 30+ years experience of scaling Software Engineering teams, across Europe and North America.


Our DNA.

Our values are our DNA:

  • People
  • Planet
  • Purpose
  • Prosperity

At 4zero, our dedication to the Triple Bottom line is at the core of our values, driving everything we do as a climate tech recruiting agency. From the decisions we make, to the partners we choose and our future strategy. Creating a positive impact on the planet guides our every move. 

The Mission
Our mission is to provide Climate Positive Talent Solutions exclusively for innovative and mission-driven climate tech companies that prioritise people and the planet, as well as profits. At 4zero, we are committed to connecting socially conscious companies with top climate tech talent to drive positive change and decarbonise the global economy.


Partner with Purpose.

Impact-led brands + Purpose driven talent = 4zero

Our clients are revolutionising the world with products that make a real difference, and our talent is passionate about working for purpose-driven companies. We attract top talent by identifying opportunities with high-growth, highly scalable companies aligned with their values. Trust us to connect you with the problem-solvers and change-makers who will tackle some of the world's most important challenges.


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