4zero Impact Series - Resourcify: Driving Impact in Waste Management and Recycling Towards a Circular Economy.

In a recent episode of the 4zero Impact Series, hosted by 4zero, we had the pleasure of speaking with Gary Lewis, CEO of Resourcify. Resourcify is a commercial waste management and recycling platform that is driving impact in the climate crisis by creating a circular economy and closing the loop on waste.

During the conversation, Gary highlighted the misaligned incentives and lack of transparency in the current waste management system. Resourcify's solution focuses on digitizing the end-of-life process and journey, enabling companies to achieve a circular economy by optimizing recycling, reducing waste, and promoting a more holistic approach to resource management.

Resourcify has already achieved significant success, working with major companies such as Hornbach Baumarkt AG, Syntegon Packaging Technology, UK Bonn and Johnson & Johnson across Europe. Their focus on large enterprise businesses and the importance of transitioning to a circular mindset is critical in achieving the targets set for 2050.

Exciting news was also shared during the episode, as Resourcify announced a new partnership with Interzero, the German market leader in waste management. This collaboration will combine material expertise and recycling capabilities with Resourcify's platform, further enhancing their operations and adding substantial value to the platform in the coming months.

The future looks bright for Resourcify, with expansion plans across Europe and a vision to become a reverse Amazon, helping companies minimise their end-of-life footprint. We congratulate Gary and the Resourcify team on their impactful work and look forward to following their journey.

To watch the full episode and learn more about Resourcify's mission and their partnership with Interzero, be sure to check out the 4zero Impact Series.


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