5 ClimateTech Podcasts That Get the Green Light from Us.

Climate change is now one of the biggest threats to the planet, resulting in the rapidly growing importance of sustainability for businesses everywhere. 

Sharing insight, bold thinking and great ideas can lead to important new environmental initiatives that will benefit us all. That’s why we’re big fans of the new wave of popular ClimateTech and GreenTech podcasts. 

In this blog we’re highlighting the five podcasts that have made the biggest impact on us. Each one offers a different perspective and makes a valuable contribution to the sustainability movement.

1.    GreenBiz 500

Produced by the GreenBiz Group, this is the viewpoint of one of the world’s first mainstream media companies with a focus on the link between sustainability, society and business success. For that reason alone it’s worth tuning into but, of course, there’s much more to this weekly podcast than that. 

Each episode celebrates different individuals and organisations making the headlines for their sustainable processes and clean technology innovation. Touching on a different topic every week, these podcasts consider a range of important issues from green finance to the circular economy.

Available on Google Podcasts, Apple Music and Spotify.

2.    Tech Stars

From the very first episode, we were hooked by this engaging ClimateTech podcast. We love the way it assesses the different solutions needed to combat climate change and highlights the emerging technologies that offer the best chance of achieving success in this area.

Listen to interviews with some of the top experts as they get to grips with the latest planet-friendly technologies and the start-ups that are already making a big impact in the ClimateTech space.

Available on Apple Music, Stitcher, RSS feed and Spotify.

3.    The Impact Report

Here, students and alumni of Bard Collages’ MBA in Sustainability programme get together for enlightening discussions with business and social enterprise leaders from around the world. Covering topics ranging from ‘Growing the Future Through Smart Digital Technology’ to ‘The Clear Choice for Solar’, the Impact Report explores today’s sustainability issues from the corporate perspective.

Available on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Podcast, Spotify, YouTube and PodBean.

4.    Catalyst with Shayle Kann

If the future of decarbonisation is your thing, you’ll love this weekly podcast that takes an in-depth look at this subject. The discussions are hosted by veteran ClimateTech investor, Shayle Kann, who is joined by different guests for each episode.

Shayle asks the big questions such as how cheap can clean energy get, will artificial intelligence accelerate climate solutions and where is the smart money going in terms of climate technology investment? Some of the answers may well surprise you.

Available on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, Google Podcast and Spotify.

5.    Summa and Friends

Created to inspire and guide start-up businesses, this podcast series is co-hosted by Revnir Indahl, Founder of Summa Equity, and Conscious Business Strategist, Vesna Lucca.

Together with their guests, they explore the issues facing us today and discuss practical solutions to these challenges for ClimateTech and GreenTech professionals.

Available on Acast and the Summa website.

4zero Impact Series 

As well as these five game-changing podcasts, we’d also like to make you aware of our own series of 4zero Impact video conversations. Hosted by our co-founders, Leighton and Michael, each episode highlights the opinions and experiences of a different impact-driven leader who has brought positive change to the world through their business. Take a look for yourself here.

If you would like to be a guest on the 4zero Impact Series get in touch with us today on US: +1(929) 566 2860 / UK: +44 208 089 8300 or email us at hello@4zero.io

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