Embracing a new model of staffing: 4zero's approach as a B Corp.

At 4zero, we are proud to be the first B Corp™ staffing agency exclusively focused on the Climate sector in Germnay. Our commitment to doing business differently has allowed us to create a community-based approach that goes beyond the traditional transactional model. By partnering with organisations dedicated to accelerating the transition to a greener future, we facilitate the exchange of technical skills and experience needed for Climate Tech to thrive. While we are a commercial for-profit operation, our strict criteria ensure that we represent businesses aligned with our values.

Building Trust and Consistency:
One of the key benefits for our clients is the trust they place in us to act as an extension of their brand. We understand the importance of consistency in conveying their message throughout the entire recruitment process. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that their values are upheld and their brand is represented consistently, solidifying their reputation as environmentally accountable organisations.

Full Supply Chain Visibility:
Environmental accountability is a top priority for our customers. They rely on us to provide full visibility across their entire supply chain, ensuring they only partner with companies that share their commitment to sustainability. Through our rigorous screening process, we ensure that every business we represent meets the highest environmental standards, giving our clients peace of mind.

Shared Passion and Productive Relationships:
At 4zero, we genuinely care about solving the climate crisis. Our customers share the same passion, leading to a stronger and more productive working relationship. By engaging a talent pool of engineers who are committed to sustainability, we align the values of our candidates with the mission of our customers. This shared vision allows collaboration and drives meaningful impact in the Climate sector.

Enhancing Reputation:
Being a B Corp™ staffing agency sets us apart in the industry. The globally recognised B Corp logo adds credibility and enhances the reputation of our clients as socially and environmentally responsible businesses. Working with us demonstrates their commitment to making a positive impact and attracts like-minded individuals who want to contribute to a sustainable future.

4zero's approach as a B Corp™ staffing agency revolutionises the way businesses operate in the Climate Tech sector. By prioritising community, trust, sustainability, and shared passion, we are driving real change and empowering organisations to make a difference.

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