Gen Z and the Future of Work.

Let's start with some very interesting facts first about Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) and their drive for a more sustainable future!

Did you know:

  • Generation Z is the most socially conscious generation to date, with more than two-thirds of them saying they prefer to work for a company that has a positive social and environmental impact. 
  • They are more likely than any other generation to take a pay cut to work for an organisation that is socially responsible.
  • Generation Z is more likely to prioritise work-life balance over money, with nearly 50% saying they would choose a job with a better work-life balance over one that pays more. 
  • Nearly 70% of Generation Z workers believe that sustainability should be a priority in their workplace and that their companies should have sustainability goals. 
  • Generation Z is more likely than any other generation to be actively engaged in sustainability initiatives, with more than 80% of them saying they are willing to participate in activities that help their workplace become more sustainable.

As the newest generation to enter the workforce, Generation Z are bringing a new set of values and expectations to the workplace. As recruiters (in-house or outsourced), it’s important to understand these values and use the right strategies to engage them, as the future of the workplace continues to evolve. 

Here are our three key tips for successfully attracting and recruiting Generation Z: 

  1. Technology: Generation Z are highly digital and tech-savvy, so be sure to use the latest technology and digital channels when recruiting and engaging with them. Leverage the power of social media, online recruitment platforms and other digital tools to reach out to Gen Zers and keep them updated on your recruitment process. 
  2. Personalisation: Gen Zers value customisation and personalisation, so be sure to customise your recruitment message and reach out to them on a personal level. Use data to understand their preferences and tailor your recruitment process accordingly. 
  3. Flexibility: Gen Zers prize flexibility and work-life balance, so make sure you offer them flexible working hours, remote options, and the chance to take on projects they’re passionate about.

Generation Z is the newest generation of young adults entering the workforce. With their unique combination of technological savvy and entrepreneurial spirit, Generation Z is poised to revolutionise the workplace. As the youngest and most tech-savvy generation to ever enter the job market, Generation Z brings a unique set of skills and talents that are sure to reshape the future of the workplace. 

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