How Impact Driven Businesses Represent The Future.

In a world (where we should be) so focused on achieving the sustainable development goals and protecting our planet, the rise of impact driven tech organisations has somewhat become a necessity. 

As we live and breathe the effects of the climate crisis, we now understand that a resilient future can’t be built on an economic platform that ignores the impact of market/business activities on society, the planet and our environment.

Impact driven businesses stem from passions and concerns to do better for our environment - and these thoughts are pushed into action through business. Regardless of the type of business an organisation may be, the long term goals and purpose of the operations will have been identified.
Companies are better equipped now to drive societal change, and the companies that drive that change have the potential to do better than those that don’t. Welcome to the new model for the business world! 

Why is that though you might ask? Because the demand in the market has changed. Society seeks a new relationship with business, there is more expectation now than ever before for companies to be more responsible and accountable for their footprint. Individuals, especially those that make up the Gen Z & Millennials demographic, relate to brands like they do each other, looking to goods and services for self-expression of their values. Intelligent, futureproof companies are embracing this and acknowledge that much of their success depends on their relationship with society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming key for businesses and it’s therefore no surprise that responsible investing is on the rise. 

Impact driven organisations are more likely to secure funding now in a world recovering from after effects of the pandemic. We have an opportunity to change the way we live our lives now and work towards achieving the 2030 sustainable development goals. Business as usual is not an option if you wish to remain relevant.

“Venture capital has a unique opportunity to accelerate the growth of the companies of the future, not only with capital but with the guidance they provide throughout scaling. Making ESG considerations matter earlier in the venture capital lifecycle helps to prepare them for challenges as they scale.” - We Forum

For example, Europe’s largest impact fund, the Nordic-born Summa Equity who have recently expanded into North America, has made 23 investments that advance the UN SDGs, to date.

“The Summa approach is very unique. In leading the Changing Demographics theme at Summa, we are seeking transformative companies that will deliver positive outcomes for communities across the globe and enable people to prosper. Such businesses typically deliver sustainable growth and achieve continued long-term success, whilst creating value for the wider public.” - Summa partner and U.S. lead Tommi Unkuri

Earlier this year they announced the closing of their third fund – a USD 2.4 billion impact fund, to be invested in companies which solve the biggest challenges the world is facing.

Another early stage climate-tech focused VC, Contrarian Ventures, invests in areas such as energy storage, carbon capture and micro mobility. Their Founder and Manager, Rokas Peciulaitis, told Sifted

“There is no better time to build a climate tech company so money will always be available”.

It doesn’t need to be said that the Founder of a business should live the values their business strives for, but it’s also imperative for the team around you to do the same. When it comes to hiring, selecting people who believe in your vision and cause is vital. A person's  skills are important but their commitment to your business and goals will be what makes them a true asset.

At 4zero, we believe that mission and value alignment are essential for successfully recruiting and retaining talent. When employees feel connected to your mission and your values, they feel inspired to contribute their best efforts. We are pioneering a new approach to sourcing talent that focuses on identifying and aligning value drivers overlooked by traditional methods.

By aligning people and companies based on shared values and drivers, we leverage the power of purpose and engagement to help companies hire better, create phenomenal cultures, be more profitable and become stronger businesses. 

Your employees can only be aligned with your mission and values if they have a defined purpose that provides meaning to their work. 

No one is better placed to deliver this than 4zero.

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