Impact-Driven Job Application: Top Tip for Winning the Technical Interview or Task.

Congratulations! You made it to the practical stage of your impact-driven job application. As a software engineer, some companies may wish to see your technical expertise.
So what does this mean? 

Technical interviews mean that your resume and personality have impressed the people you’ve met so far, but they want to see your skills in practice.

And we’re not just talking about your technical skills and knowledge of coding. The way you handle pressure, your ability to solve problems, and your willingness to learn will also be examined. Be sure to complete your test assignments correctly and timely if you receive them at home. However, if your technical interview happens in real-time, your coding abilities will be tested while someone else is watching.

They will evaluate the program flow, data structures, and capabilities of the technology stack for which you're applying. There is no doubt that the most important thing here is to demonstrate that you know how to program in those languages. When they enquire about your solution, you should be able to show that you are confident and can defend your logic and walk them through the process. 

After you submit your code, your syntax and semantics will also be reviewed. If you make a mistake, they'll try to figure out whether you're confused about the situation or you don't understand the language.

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